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Planning For Success

Experience business planning built for the modern age. Our sophisticated, easy-to-use tool helps you boil down the essentials of your business into an engaging, visually-stunning presentation. Our mission is to set you up for success when it comes time to pitch potential investors, advisors, and partners.

How We Work

New Era, New Business Strategy

A great business plan has the power to persuade and excite readers about the opportunity to get involved in helping your company succeed. Gone are the days of the exhaustive 50-page manifestos that are a pain to write and to read. BizPlan helps you paint the picture of your vision concisely, convincingly, and compellingly for a 21st century audience.

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Guided Builder

Our step-by-step builder distills your plan into modular sections that you can complete in any order and in small, digestible steps.

Drag-and-drop templates highlight key business plan aspects.

Sleek graphic layouts add visual appeal.

Progress tracker marks how close you are to completion.

Build at your own pace, start and stop as you see fit.


All of your crucial financial stats live in a single dashboard and presented as attractive charts and clean layouts. The best part? You set your goals, we do all the math!

Set current team salaries and suggested increases.

Modern revenue projections for all business types.

Balance sheets, income statements, breakeven analysis, & user reports.

Integrates directly with your existing system.


Collaborate with your team right through the builder interface and share your plan instantly online with interested investors.

Upload to a web browser with a single click.

Manage and track team feedback in threaded comments.

Print polished and professional finished proposals.


You’ve successfully built your plan, and now it’s time to put it to work. We provide you with all the resources you need to turn your business plan into a funded plan.

Detailed financial reports in lender-ready formats.

Assistance from a dedicated fundraising team.

Access to Fundable, the world’s largest business funding network.

Why us?

We're founders, just like you.

Rhone Raised $5M

Moving activewear forever forward


Rhone raised 5M of investment capital to scale their business


Bizplan helped create conversations with 42 investors


Rhone's online business plan was viewed by 140 potential investors

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